Our latest install came at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. The Little League World Series is one of the more popular events of the summer as kids from all over the world compete in a 16-team tournament. The tournament started on August 17th and will ended on August 27th with one team being crowned champions!

Exergame Fitness teamed up with Eventive Marketing and their client Cigna to bring fun and entertainment to people of all ages while they are at the Little League World Series. The product that is showcased is the tWall. With the tWall, families can test their speed and reaction time. It also brings tons of fun and entertainment! Families can play against each other to see who hits the most targets or even play by yourself and hit the targets as fast as possible!

Exergaming is committed to keeping people of all ages active while having fun! If you’re interested in having the tWall be a part of your events, contact us now!

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