Every year Exergame likes to offer some of the best and most exciting products at a discounted price for those facilities that would like to start 2021 with a new kind of fitness.  These specials run through December 31st, 2021; and we hope you’ll take advantage of the big savings!

All items below will be on sale until end of the year.  Contact us to learn more about the special prices!

iWall – Your Body is the Controller!

tapWall – Fitness Games Plus Academic Fun

runBeat – Take Your Treadmill to a New Level

Reax Lights – Wireless Interactive Lights

Exerbikes – Pedal to Play

iDANCE – From 4 to 32 Players at Once

tWall – The Ultimate Fitness Training Product for Kids and Adults

Makoto – Improve the Brain Body Connection

SmartFit Mini – For Sport, Fitness and Brain Health Programs

SmartFit Single – The Elite Trainer for PT and SGT