Intersport has been creating innovative, world-class entertainment platforms centered on passion points for 34 years. Their distinctive model powers bold marketing solutions from scratch. With disciplines in culinary, esports, leadership, lifestyle and sports, Intersport partners with brands who want to connect with passionate audiences in original, lasting ways.

Recently at one of their largest marketing events of the year they used the tWall to bring in more clients and customers!  The TWALL is a reaction trainer light wall game. It is simple to use, yet challenging as the user has to deactivate the touch wall lights as soon as they appear on screen. The motivation of the ‘ fitness games’ appeals to all age demographics and ability levels. Whether training for power, agility, endurance, or reaction, the Twall is the ultimate fitness gaming platform.

Whether you want a TWall or another activity game, Exergame Fitness is where you can find a variety of engaging fitness equipment for any age. We set ourselves apart with our fitness equipment and virtual activity games as well as provide educational information about these fitness programs at events. From international to right here in the United States, you can take advantage of educating people about exergaming.

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