Exergame would like to thank the YMCA staff, and attendees for a wonderful YMCA General Assembly this past week.  It was great to speak with previous Exergame Installations, as well as new opportunities to bring fitness and gaming to their Y.

We will be following up with an email to all attendees, but also wanted to highlight some of the newest products launched at YMCA General Assembly.  Products like.

iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game.  Your body is the controller!

Reax Station combines the REAXING philosophy together with the needs of a Fitness Club: ready-to-use stations where the users are guided to work out independently in an original, fun and functional way.

runBEAT – Whether you are going to walk, run, or sprint, the race tracks on runBEAT offer appropriate distances for diverse workouts.

This and so much more was launched at our YMCA Show.  Contact us to learn more about the Exergame experience!