Exergaming Fitness Products at Two Rivers YMCA


Moline, IL – Two Rivers YMCA in Moline, IL has recently installed a complete line of Interactive Gaming and Fitness products to create a Virtual Gym in their Teen Center. With the growing concern of inactivity and obesity – Interactive Fitness is a welcome solution to any club.

“We are expecting a huge turn-out for our Friday Teen Night’s, as well as offering something special for our community,” says Mike Wennekamp, Assoc. Executive Director.

The 1,350 square foot Virtual Gym will provide activity for 40 to 80 kids per hour. The Virtual Gym features several products designed to give kids a variety of challenges with incentives to be more active, all while providing a fun, stimulating, safe and challenging environment.

“Our line of Interactive Fitness and Gaming products, or Fitness Arcade, is incredibly popular with kids, teens and adults. We have tested each product we offer, and provide comprehensive training and curriculum’s to make it a turn-key system for any size facility,” says Ed Kasanders – President of Motion Fitness.

“We understand that most kids don’t want to workout with traditional weights and cardio machines. Kids want to have fun, plain and simple. These products are game based which people of all ages can relate to, getting fitness is the by-product. We have about a dozen interactive products and a great kids circuit system that doesn’t use weights,” adds Kasanders.



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