A new progam is aimed at helping overweight children get in control of their eating and exercising habits.

The fitness center is betting that activities inspired by video games – known as exergames – are one way to get kids healthy, by offering them an arcade-like atmosphere without the snack bar. The room uses muscle-power instead of joysticks to earn points and burn calories.

The state of the art Exergame Fitness facility is open at the RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center in Peoria, Illinois complete with the world’s top tested and medically proven exergaming products.

Kids, teens and adults from the Peoria area have an exciting exergaming room that delivers programs that combine fitness and gaming to achieve much needed results in their community.

RiverPlex General Manager, Matt Freeman said:

“Our objective with our Exergame Fitness Zone is to get kids up and moving in a fun, safe and positive environment. The exergaming products we have also give us the ability to offer our Senior Members a new exercise option that not only challenges their cardiovascular fitness, strength and balance, but eye/hand coordination and brain function.

Ed Kasanders, president of the Rolling Meadows-based company, Motion Fitness, which sold the equipment to the RiverPlex, said the market for exergames has soared over the past several years. His business use to deal with all types of exercise equipment but switched about four years ago solely to exergames.

“We can’t get away from kids wanting to play games and from technology,” Kasanders said. “What we are doing is we are actively making them play in a fun, exciting, engaging environment.”

To learn more about how Exergaming Products can help fight obesity in your community visit Exergame Fitness.  Or call toll free at 877-668-4664.