In Motion is driven by the limited edutainment activities available for our youth between 7 and 17. We at In Motion – in association with one of the leading exergame fitness experts and a leading child wellness education center – have initiated a novel wellness club for kids and families comprising the latest interactive “exergaming” equipment along with an integrated educational curriculum that teaches practical strategies to improve physical activity and eating habits.Recent data suggest that children are spending as much as 8.5 hours a day watching television, using computers, playing video games and downloading music. Furthermore, projections indicate that “screen time” for children is likely to continue to increase, rather than decrease. Experts agree that an increase in these sedentary activities, low levels of recreational or structured exercise and unhealthy eating behaviors contribute to weight issues and chronic diseases.

In Motion is a pioneer in providing a healthy lifestyle that combines fitness and interactive gaming through innovative concepts that address today’s youths’ wellbeing. We offer a means to enhance their brains by way of vibrant bodies. We dedicate ourselves to keeping youth healthy and active by providing innovative and state-of-the-art child-friendly environment using products that address inactivity, obesity and developmental learning problems

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