Reax Lights is a wireless lights system guaranteed to make any workout more interactive. Flexible, versatile, and full of accessories, each light is equipped with magnets for a rapid connection on any surface. The WIFI tablet controller enables the trainer and user to choose customized training programs.

Reax Lights can be a great tool for sports performance training. Using it for team drills, shuttle runs, agility, and reaction, Reax Lights can be beneficial to helping with hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and endurance of an athlete. Reax Lights can be of benefit to any sport. For example, this is great tool when training basketball players. Use them when you’re working on ball handling drills, defensive slides, etc. This allows for trainers to incorporate an interactive concept while doing a traditional drill.

Every athlete is looking for an edge over his or her competition. Create programs and drills that mimic actual movements during game play. The Android tablet allows the trainer to set by time or number of hits. The trainer can use the customized training programs or create programs.

Reax Lights in various patterns on the court. This allowed the players to do endurance drills, suicides, agility drills, etc. The flexibility and durability of the Reax Lights makes them unique. The beauty of Reax Lights is they can be used for any sport. Incorporate these for any practice session from basketball to baseball or football!