Do you want to challenge yourself to a fun, high-intensity workout? Are you looking to take the athletes you coach to the next level of performance? Let me introduce you to the CardioWall! The CardioWall challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, reach, and think as they must follow and hit the different patterns of lighted pads. Train lateral quickness, agility, speed, reaction.  You can use any form of soft weights, balls, hands, or boxing gloves also. This is an excellent product for athletes who are looking to increase their performance on the court, field, ice, etc! Here’s some simple but valuable workouts to try out. Each rep should be anywhere between 30 sec-1 min and then have the user rest.

Cardiowall puts the fun into FUNctional exercise! With a variety of games, CardioWall is perfect for your club. It’s ideal for people of any age who want to improve their sports fitness, health or body shape.  Cardiowall can simulate a vast range of functional training exercises that make for an intense and fun workout. Contact us today to learn more

Features include:

4 built-in games develop speed, stamina, mental alertness, reaction time, core strength, hand-eye coordination and balance.
• High visual impact and fully brandable.
• Ideal for rehabilitation and users with limited mobility, schools and youth sports training.
• Use individually, 1-on-1 or in teams/groups.
• Players receive a score to measure progress – fun and highly motivational.
• Space efficient – protrudes just 4” from the wall.