Compass Christian Church is one church with multiple locations.  Their mission is Navigating People to God. Wherever you are in your journey, they want to partner with you to take your next step.  Compass Kids partners with parents to build a biblical foundation for kids in a safe environment where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way.

Within the walls of the Compass Christian Church they wanted to add something fun, interactive, and enjoyable for their youngest population.  The Motion TouchMagix™ system provides an accurate and user friendly system that will continue its innovation in the exergaming market today and in the future. Motion TouchMagix delivers the “Wow Factor” creating a digitally engaging interactive gaming area for kids and adults. TouchMagix turns any floor surface or a back projected display into a multi-point interactive surface.

The Motion TouchMagix™ is one effective way that we can help you create a more engaging and interactive exercise regimen.

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