The Dynavision D2 light board measures performance and records the data to track improvement. Training on the D2 improves reaction times, visual motor-coordination and peripheral visual awareness. By improving these skills, the user makes better, faster, smarter decisions. The Dynavision incorporates a tachistoscope that increases the degree of focus and cognitive processing that is essential in producing the needed results for top athletes.

Designed for high performance athletic training, D2 training can help a quarterback see the whole field while focused on the down field receivers. It can help hitters in baseball recognize what type of pitch is being thrown more quickly.  It can help basketball players make quicker decisions on the basketball court as well.

It was also discovered that it’s a valuable evaluation tool for head injuries, concussions, etc. Concussions are such a huge topic in football that parents are now contemplating even letting their kids play football. The Dynavision can help immensely.

Other drills to use with the Dynavision –

  • Hand Eye Coordination Drills– have the user hit the target on the right with the left hand and target on the left with the right hand. To change it up, have them use the back of their hand to hit the targets.
  • Cone Drills – This can help an athlete immensely with quickness and reaction time. Change up the patterns so the user is tested physically.