iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game! Play on your own or share the fun with someone in multiplayer mode in one of the several fitness games. Playing this interactive fitness game is easy and motivating for both kids and adults, and thanks to its diverse game content, iWall can be used for efficient exercise, training, a simple workout, or just for family fun!

Recently we just came out with a few new games to spice up the fun!  Check them out below!

With their new dance game, they get you up, moving, and exercising!  Perfect addition to some of the other options!

Skiing and Ski Jumping will never be the same after you experience this new game!  I full body core workout, try and set the longest jump, and various levels of difficulty!  See more below

We look forward to more interactive games and options with the iWallStay tuned for more!