Fitness Ventures International is a family of brands dedicated to the built environment for functional fitness. Uniquely positioned, on-trend, inclusive, and dedicated to improving the way and places we move is our mission.

While also building their rooms around functional training, they also like to try and change it up with some interactive options as well.  3 Kick is an interactive fitness product where foam pads are punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with shoes or bare feet, a fist, or an open palm. Targets are marked with LED lights and an audible tone sounds when the pad is hit. Versatile and highly engaging, 3 Kick accommodates players from children to adults and beginners to the advanced and also allows single or team workouts. Operators control computerized scorekeeper and timer system.

3 Kick is unique in the way that your training session can still provide a HIIT style functional workout, but making it into a game as well!

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