The Terre Haute Children’s Museum is three stories of fun, laughter and exploration located in the heart of Indiana right in downtown Terre Haute. This museum has more than doubled in size and has educated over 230,000 children and adults from 22 counties in Indiana and Illinois. This museum has received funding from the National Science Foundation and participates in a national consortium of 14 science and technology museums.

One of the recent additions to the Terre Haute Museum is the the new Health Zone, featuring a fitness gaming piece called the CardioWall Portrait.  The CardioWall Portrait is a great tool to use in any facility if you’d like to train for sports or after a physical rehabilitation program. This fitness tool is easily accessible and inclusive for any age group. This fitness program can help to achieve fun and create addictive, high intensity workouts. Each of these workouts are able to come with six different programmed games. Every routine is a game, challenging users to beat their previous best score, their friends or the leaderboard. A ‘blank canvas’ for PT’s who can create their own stimulating routines for clients. To learn more about what this fitness program can do for you, watch our video.

Users of any age and ability can enjoy and benefit from using the CardioWall Portrait. One-touch starts, clearly spoken instructions and uncomplicated displays ensure it is easy to use!

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