Listen to the music. Feel the beat. Get dancing! iDance is a fun and challenging group exercise dance game of visual perception and physical skill. It is simple to learn and offers tons of fun and excitement for your facility. The iDance 2 System has a variety of features that make for a truly unique experience and make it ideal for:

Games like iDance are a perfect addition for your members. iDance offers a level of activity similar to people who run; sometimes it even can surpass it. Use iDance for small groups or big classes as you can have up to as much as 32 dance pads and users. It also offers other physical benefits that can help improve your everyday life. They include: increased agility, improved speed, coordination, a sense of rhythm, reaction time, and endurance. They also offer other advantages over traditional forms of fitness: iDance is more entertaining, more interactive, and it makes it possible for children, adults, and seniors to play and exercise side by side regardless of their ability level!


  • Easy setup, take down
  • Provides development benefits (Social, Cognitive & Physical)
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of player, no questionable lyrics and graphics
  • Up to three difficulty levels
  • Over 130 licensed songs

If you’re looking to add a social and engaging experience for your facility, then the iDance is the perfect solution! Combine the best of fitness and gaming with iDance!  Contact us today to learn more!