iDANCE DDR Dance and Step Games


Do you want to incorporate a dance and step games at your facility? How are you keeping your members engaged? If you’re looking for fresh ideas, then check out the iDance! iDance is a fun and challenging group exercise dance game of visual perception and physical skill. It has a variety of features that truly set it apart from other dance games. It also provides physical and cognitive benefits for every user. iDance helps improve speed, balance, and reaction time! It also helps people improve focus and their cognitive development or the growth of a person to learn.

iDance is a perfect addition for your members. iDance is entertaining, more interactive, and provides an engaging experience. Children, adults, and seniors can play and exercise side by side regardless of their ability level. Use it as an engagement piece in YMCA’s, Park Districts, Schools, Fitness Centers, etc. With over 100 songs to choose from, the fun is never-ending. You can use iDance for summer camps, small group training, youth fitness, and events. When you’re done using iDance, it can be easily stored away.

How does iDance work?

Well it’s actually very simple! Arrows, which are synced in beat with the music, are projected onto a screen. Users follow the arrows by stepping on the correct arrow panels of dance mats when the arrows line up directly with the target area. Therefore, it’s so important to listen to the music carefully as the goal is to be as accurate as possible. The more accurate you’re the better the score you will get.

Listen to the music. Feel the beat. Get dancing! Contact us today to learn more.