Dancing is so much fun, so why not make it a great workout? iDance is an enjoyable and challenging group exercise dance game of visual perception and physical skill. If you want to incorporate a dance workout into your establishment, then this system is the right way to go. It is simple to learn, exciting to play and offers a wide range of levels to take on and master. With over 150 songs, the fun is never-ending. How could anyone not want to dance their way to a healthier lifestyle?

Some key features of iDANCE Include

• Easy to setup and take down
• Lightweight, durable platforms
• 4-32 players
• Provides developmental benefits (Social, Cognitive & Physical)
• Wireless data transmission
• Real-time, individual performance feedback
• Player tracking (ability to export data)
• Upgradable software
• Suitable for all ages and levels of player, no questionable lyrics and graphics
• Up to three difficulty levels simultaneously
• Includes many instructor tools and teaching aids
• Over 130 licensed, energizing songs
• Advanced, high definition (HD) 3D engine

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