We are all trying to think of the best ways to keep the fitness industry as a whole moving during this trying time with COVID-19.  Exergame and CSE would like to offer an opportunity to add value and keep your gym members connected during pandemic gym closures and in the future! 

This instructor guided heart rate monitored group fitness experience from your gym to clients at home. Live! Purchasing a license to groupBeat Home Studio enables you to offer an internet-powered group fitness experience to your gym members anytime, anywhere, and with no additional cost to participants.  

Key Features in Include:

Fitness instructor lead exercises remotely 
Heart rate monitored group fitness exercise from your gym instructor to internet connected gym members.  

Equipment agnostic -no equipment required 
groupBeat® Home Studio enables participation in remote group exercise between family and friends where ever you are using exercise equipment on hand. Cycle, run, row, -or do whatever you like to reach your heart rate target zone.  

Keep your community connected 
groupBeat® Home Studio enables gyms to offer service to its members during social distancing restrictions.  

Available 24/7 
Members are not bound to instructor lead live group exercise hours. Virtual exercises offer flexibility and are available 24/7.

Live-stream turned fitness game 
groupBEAT® Home Studio is not live-stream only, -it’s an interactive fitness game. While the gaming gym instructor communicates with exercising gym members, fitness game participants follow a given heart rate target zone and see the performance of all players in their own mobile devices in real-time.   

**groupBEAT® Home Studio works with Bluetooth connected physical activity sensors such as Myzone MZ1, Myzone MZ3, Polar H7, Polar H9, Polar H10, and PolarOH1 optical heart rate sensor.  **

Fitness professional favorite groupBeat®  group fitness gaming experience is now available to internet-connected gym members at home!  Contact us to learn more!