Vision therapy is a term used to describe a variety of treatments based around eyes exercises. The treatments aim to treat convergence disorder – for which there is supporting evidence – and a range of neurological, educational and spatial difficulties – uses which are not supported by good evidence.

The Makoto Training Arena is unique in vision therapy. Training with this fitness product improves reaction time, mental focus, concentration, and hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Its random, 360-degree, multi-planar environment provides a close approximation to real-time life challenges.

Doctors, athletic advisers, and trainers currently possess very inadequate tools to address the widely recognized problems relating to the concussion issues.

Present test methods, including neurocognitive tests, balance tests, and the like, simply fail to address the reality that concussed athletes suffer symptoms from disruptions in multiple systems, resulting in diminished overall physical performance. Increased physical activity typically aggravates these symptoms.

With the Makoto it is a proven science of Sensory Integration therapy to improve neurological and physical performance. A good workout takes just 15 minutes, which can be exceptionally beneficial when it comes to trying those who only have a limited amount of time. Coaches, trainers, and athletes all remark on how Makoto achieves their goals while not feeling like therapy or training. And we all know we work hardest when we’re at play!

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