iStep is a quality dance system that offers physical, cognitive, and social benefits. Through 23 difficulty levels, iStep will get people of any age moving to the beat of the song. With over 50 songs to choose from, no one will get bored! This multiplayer dance game uses 2-4 wired mats ensuring people of any skill level can play together. iStep can be a terrific addition to any facility who is looking for a simple and fun way to get their members active. It helps improve speed, balance, and reaction time. It also helps improve a person’s focus and their cognitive development or the growth of a person to learn. It creates an entertaining, interactive, and engaging experience among your members. Use it at a YMCA, Park District, School, Fitness Center, etc. You can use it as an engagement piece for summer camps, small group training, youth fitness, and marketing events! When you’re not using it, it can be easily stored away.

iStep DDR Dance System


  • Individual performance feedback helps players to improve their skills
  • Safe lyrics and graphics are suitable for all ages
  • Ability to play two levels at once.
  • Varying difficulty and song variety keep users excited and energetic


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