Get your game on with iWall! iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game. Play on your own or share with the fun with someone in multiplayer mode with this exciting product.

Playing is easy and motivating for both kids and adults, and thanks to its amazing content, iWall can be used for efficient exercise, training, a simple workout or just family fun! It will get you excited about working out.

With its diverse game content, accessibility, and compact size, the iWall is suitable for almost any situation. For example, you can use it in a gym or fitness club as part of your warm up and let it bring variety to training. Another example is it’s a perfect match for hotels, shopping malls, airports and schools. iWall attracts students and encourages them to move together, giving them an interactive and social exercise experience that includes physical and mental benefits.

Facilities that benefit from iWall:

  • Schools
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Parks
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Airports
  • YMCA