iWall is a joyful and versatile product that combines several sports games that can be played by 1-2 players at the same time. Playing is fun and motivating for both children and adults and is successful in both jeans and workout jerseys. Thanks to its versatile game content, iWall can be used for effective training, refreshing breaks or family fun. Whatever the purpose, gaming is fun and exciting!

Test your effort in Hill Jump or tune your reaction speed to the extreme in Extreme Slam. New games offer new challenges and a new updated menu makes it even easier to use.

The new games and menu are just scratching the surface of the changes. Experience updated iWall better than ever before!

iWall fits almost anywhere. Versatile game content, ease of use and compact size make it suitable for a wide variety of locations. In gyms, iWall can be used to warm up and bring variety to your workout. In shopping malls and airports, it increases the experience and activity opportunities. In schools, iWall gathers students to take time together and encourage each other. Everywhere it brings its users an interactive and social mobility experience, the benefits of which are noticeable even after a short use.