During this time of uncertainty, many facilities are facing potential concerns we never imagined. Fortunately, Exergame continues to offer options that provide fun, interactive fitness; with the continued support of social distancing.

The iWall includes a motion sensor of this exergame detects your movements, making you the game controller instead of a joystick. The faster you run and the higher you raise your knees in game, the faster you run in the game. Get a quick warm up done; focus on improving your mobility, strength, and endurance; or sharpen your balance and coordination. iWall offers interactive fitness games that are also a perfect option for a cardio workout with the ability for participants to never have to touch anything!

iWall includes a stylish cover with two large displays, a computer, a motion sensor and four interactive fitness games. More games are available for a separate purchase for:
• Schools
• Fitness Clubs
• Hotels, cruisers, airports
• Activity and trampoline parks
• Rehabilitation
• And so many more!