Lü Interactive Playground transforms school environments into immersive and interactive spaces, thanks to its vast library of cutting-edge activities and world-class audio-visual equipment.

The gymnasium itself is an imposing space. With the right equipment and innovative activities that go beyond the practice of sports and physical education classes, it becomes quite different and allows learning to be taken to another level.

With its background in Education, the Lü Interactive Playground has about half of its content centered around curriculum-based education games and activities, and the other programs are games based on physical activity. The amount of content available already offers a variety of options and choices, but it is also continually adding new content on a monthly basis!

The Lü Interactive Playground has three key features with every configuration:

  1. Giant Wall Projection
  2. 3D Camera
  3. Light and Audio System

Choose from the ÜNO, DÜO, or MÖBIL configurations when you install the Lü Interactive Playground in your school. Each configuration includes everything you need to create the ultimate interactive learning experience for kids. 

Learn more about the Lü Interactive Playground, and how you can turn your school’s gym space into a full-on learning center built around any activity with Exergame Fitness! Contact us today to get started!