With giant projections, immersive lights, powerful music blasting, and physically engaging activities. The Lu Interactive Playground is a educational smart space that in real time adjusts to the behaviors and interactions of students within it. Coming down from a ceiling mounted 3D cameras, games and tools are projected on the wall. Synchronized lights and sound effects are also added for a better immersion experience.

Why is the Lu Interactive Playground a good fit? Less than 9% of children are getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity and exercise during the day. Sedentary screen viewing time is going up, which represents an average of 2 hours per day in the life of those students.

The Lu Interactive Playground combines Video Games, Education & Exercise.

  • Giant Video Games and interactive lightings create an engaging experience for all the students. They’ll forget the fact they’ll even be exercising
  • By adding interactive educational lessons and pedagogical games, students learn by a new and advanced approach where multiple skills are developed concurrently.
  • Significantly increase the options of a room by easily transforming into a multipurpose space. The lighting system will enhance school parties, projectors can present movies or online content, or create a giant scorekeeper!

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