Over the past decade, the concept of neuroplasticity – our ability to repair and re-grow neurological pathways – has advanced from hypothesis to accepted theory. Studies of therapies which combine cross-body movements with visual and auditory stimulus using the Makoto Arena, show significant improvement in visual, cardiovascular, and neurological performance. These improvements include the areas of memory, proprioception, cognitive processing, speech, learning disabilities, and more. And importantly to therapists, using Makoto is both fun, which breaks up the tedium of most therapy, and it produces QUANTIFIABLE RESULTS. Not only does this enable the therapist to track progress, but patient motivation increases as scores improve! And thanks to the flexibility of control, Makoto Arena therapy games can be adapted to almost anyone’s needs!

Makoto works with patients of all ability levels. Makoto therapy benefits physical fitness, making it ideal for work on increasing mobility and reaching occupational and physical therapy goals. The cognitive benefits from using Makoto make it useful for neurological therapies, including for:

  • Stroke
  • Concussions
  • TBI’s
  • SPD
  • Depression

Because patients enjoy the game, they readily play. Patients have FUN while improving their mental acuity and physical ability. Therapists get the movements they want – and everyone is amazed with the improved quality of therapy.

Patient compliance and willingness to continue therapy is increased if therapy is fun and mentally engaging. Fewer missed appointments and more patients continuing the therapy they need is more revenue and better results!

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