Every year Exergame Fitness likes to bring in new products, concepts, and ideas that can further our mission of providing fun and interactive solutions for all ages.  One of the new items that is a perfect fit for the fitness gaming audience is the 4Active gaming system.

4Active has diverse game content and it can be played by 1-4 players simultaneously. 4Active is fun for all ages, which means it has a lot of suitable locations. The games are controlled with custom-made ActivePads, which are durable, safe and stylish.

4Active’s games have been designed to improve several skills: from balance, eye-foot coordination and spatial awareness to strategic thinking, reaction speed and teamwork.

Some Key Features of 4Active

• Physical and cognitive benefits
• Fun for all ages
• Multiple difficulty levels and game modes
• Players can join in in the middle of the game!
• 1-4 players at the same time

Learn more about 4Active, and other Exergaming products by contacting us for more!