PaviGym Exergame Interactive Fitness


Pavigym 3.0 is a terrific addition to any health club. Pavigym 3.0 health club and fitness training flooring incorporates lighting, sensors, and fitness programming in technical tile flooring pieces. It comes with a PC that offers pre-programmed exercises, so members can work out by themselves. Think of it as a virtual trainer.  It’s also a perfect introductory tool to increase memberships sales and membership retention. When non-members or clients see this technology in action, they are amazed by the endless workout possibilities. Whether it’s personal training or group training 3.0 provides the same benefits! Using technology like Pavigym 3.0 can help your clients and members discover unlimited exercises in an interactive setting. Pavigym 3.0 technical flooring system can make your fitness program attendance skyrocket! Check out all the different Pavigym options for your club below.

Pavigym Square-Square 3.0 allows users to choose their preferred training and practice multiple and varied exercises at their own level: balance, speed, reactions, stability, precision, coordination, etc. Another benefit of the Square is two people can go at the same time, which enables fun competition between partners!

Pavigym Sprint– Sprint 3.0 is an ideal tool for training reaction, speed, and agility. Members can challenge themselves by keeping track of their progress and beating their high score.

Pavigym Vertical– Vertical 3.0 is a whole new training dimension for users. What’s different? It interacts with members in a totally different and innovative way by using symbols and lights on the wall!

Pavigym Combo– Combo 3.0 combines Square and Vertical 3.0. Turn the whole room into an interactive work out area. Pavigym Combo stimulates user attention and increases intensity.


Pavigym 3.0 is a fun and entertaining way to train. Keep your members sweating and smiling at the same time! Contact us to learn more.