Railyard Obstacle Course


Exercise on the Railyard brings the jungle to the gym allowing for functional bodyweight movements that mimic those needed for athletic performance and truly functional musculoskeletal mobility. Moving activity up and onto an elevated round Rail demands neuromuscular engagement not experienced on the familiar ground, accelerating gains in functional movement.

The Railyard exergame is used for youth fitness, youth and adult sports conditioning, group fitness, personal training, obstacle course conditioning, and (when Rails are on the ground or on 9-inch Platforms) use with senior programs to build coordination and balance. Use Platforms and Tops as Plyo Boxes when not attached to Rails.

The Railyard includes 9-inch and 18-inch Platforms and Tops that allow you to position the 7-foot Rails horizontally or inclined at 9, 18, 27, or 36-inch levels using the round or flat side of the Rail. The modular design of this exergame lets you design hundreds of layouts for variety, challenge, and productive programming.

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