Reax Chain is the first and only wearable, flexible, and unpredictable free weight tool.  Reax Chain is a multi purpose unique training tool that has the flexibility and the softness of a rope, while maintaining the same features of a traditional free-weight.

Due to its dynamic instability, Reax Chain turns any exercise into highly intensive neuromuscular training. Fitness magazines have described Reax Chain as “an incredible tool that will change the way you train”.

Versatile– Due to its flexible rings configuration Reax Chain can be used as a kettlebell, battle rope, barbell or bulgarian bag.

Dynamic– The flexibility of Reax Chain alters each repetition to incorporate motor skill improvement and can be applied to endless exercises using the chain’s inertia, centrifugal force and dynamic nature.

Progressive– The wide range of available weights and configurations allow workouts and programs to progress adjusting movement and instability not just load.

Wearable– Reax Chain is wearable and allows the user the freedom of movement to perform almost any task from standard to dynamic

It is composed of five rings and is available in four weights: 2KG, 4KG, 6KG, 8KG

Due to its flexible and dynamic structure REAX CHAIN is a versatile tool that allows you to perform multiple exercises. It has infinite grip patterns, infinite exercise possibilities and can be used as a kettlebell, a dumbbell, a barbell, a battle rope or a Bulgarian bag turning your workout into a fun and engaging experience.