The Reax Lights are a wireless LED reaction system that can be controlled with a tablet over WiFi. Use it with accessories and a trainer or alone and experience with tons of installed programs and customizable exergaming workouts. The Reax Lights are the only fitness technology that uses sudden dynamic interferences to provide reaction, speed, training, and more for everyone.

Recently we added the new Reax Station to our Interactive Fitness solutions.  The sport or game moves as quickly as the player. Thus accommodating players from children to adults and beginners to the advanced. All units come with a proprietary computerized score keeper and timer that is controlled by the owner. It is also designed to accommodate all common world voltages.
REACTIVITY WORKOUTS: LIGHT COLOURS push the athlete to enhance genuine Reactivity while involving specific muscle bands (e.g. push-ups, abs, etc)

These two products (Reax Lights, and Reax Station) can now be combined into a few body workout!  Want to focus on core exercises, we have a program for that.  Need to improve upper body strength, we have programs for that.  Lower body needs to get a little more tone, we have programs for that!

Contact us to learn more about how REAXING Lights and Stations are the perfect full body fitness program!