It is the first kettlebell to enable working with a variable load

The unpredictability of water turns any exercise into a truly high-intensive neuromuscular training activity.

Reax Fluikettle exploits the patented technology of “Sudden Dynamic Impulse“: for the first time, dynamic instability and loaded movement meet to generate tactile stimulations as well as motor interference during a training activity.

These impulses enhance the movement, forcing the athlete to a much higher muscular activation.

Highlights of the Fluikettle?

  • Fluid Inside
    • The liquid and load destabilizes any exercise, creating an unstable environment during each movement.
  • Long Lasting
    • The technology used to make the Reax Fluikettle ensures it is long lasting, safe, easy to clean and looks good for longer.
  • Soft Shock
    • Due to the soft nature of the Reax Fluikettle it is a one-of-a-kind functional tool. You can throw it, lift it or drop it with no harm to surfaces.
  • Versatile
    • The versatility of the Flui Kettle allows the user to creat unique workouts for all groups from children to athletes.

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