In 2016, Reaxing launched an incredible new project that became an international success right away. It’s about training your senses to improve your performances. Dynamic instability drives increased neuromuscular, muscular, and vestibular system recruitment to improve efficiency and achieve training results faster.

Training in this manner will help to create bodies that have stability and strength in a multitude of positions while being an essential part of a well-balanced training and conditioning program. Here are some of the exergaming products from the Reaxing Product Line:

Training reactivity, reaction ability, and response speed to a given sudden impulse will never be the same. This brand new functional training method is dynamic, fun, and suitable for conditioning training. Any type of training gets interactive, improving the reaction capability. Reax Lights is an incredible Wi-Fi tool. It’s versatile, flexible, wearable, and easy to use.

Reax Chain is composed by flexible and adjustable weight. It can be used as a kettlebell, a battle rope, a barbell, a dumbbell, a core bag, a Bulgarian bag, and in plenty of other ways. It is dynamically unpredictable, flexible, wearable, soft, safe, and space-efficient. This truly functional exergaming tool is going to overturn traditional training.

Fluiball is a soft-touch, unbreakable medicine ball. The instability and unpredictability of the water makes it a truly functional tool: dynamically unpredictable, flexible, wearable, soft, safe, and a space-saver. At the same time, its softness makes it unique: you can roll it, shake it, grab it, throw it, or even squeeze it — causing no harm to people or surfaces.

Weight lifting has always been an important part of most training programs. Symmetry, stability and consistency have been the keywords of everything you know up to now. FluiLift is the first barbell to turn this concept upside down. Thanks to its innovative system (international patent pending), the movement of weightlifting becomes unexpectedly unstable.

ReaxBoard is an incredibly “smart” floor, able to reproduce and generate sudden interference during the movement. The training solutions are endless. Standard exercises, performed under stable and predictable conditions, become unpredictable and much more fun and effective with this exergaming tool. All muscles are activated and focus must always be kept high and steady. Thanks to a tablet and its dedicated app, the user or the PT can select the difficulty level they wish, and choose among several pre-configured training programs.


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