Exergame would like to introduce RunBEAT to their already impressive lineup of interactive fitness products!!  With RunBEAT, personal fitness levels don’t matter. Run side by side with others, while RunBEAT keeps track of everyone’s progress. That’s right now you can up the competition while even running on a Treadmill.  Avatars on the screen react immediately to the changes in the runners’ speeds, providing instant feedback. RunBEAT allows you to set goals and achieve them. Whether you are going to walk, run or sprint, RunBEAT offers some impressive race tracks that offer just the right distance for a diverse workout.

RunBEAT allows for a social experience as well. It combines running and small group training. Now you can compete against others and push toward getting that top score. The technology RunBEAT offers can separate your facility from the rest. Facilities can use a large screen to run competitive classes in a dedicated space. Whether competing against others or just looking for individual improvement, this experience can motivate participants!

Use RunBEAT in fitness clubs today for group training! Contact us today to learn more.