SMARTfit’s Cognitive Gym upgrades the Exergames experience for all ages and abilities with proprietary dual-task technology designed to measure and improve a wide range of human functions for life, fitness, and sports.  Dual tasking, or exercising the brain and body simultaneously, has been scientifically shown to activate neuroplasticity faster and more sustainably than exercising either independently.   The Cognitive Gym uses the same scalable technology currently used in rehab facilities to repair and improve functional performance.

While engaging, competitive, and fun like other exergames, SMARTfit’s Cognitive Gym challenges a much more extensive array of specific cognitive and sensory capabilities while the body is in motion.  The Cognitive Gym includes hundreds of personal, small, and large group activities and programs for functional fitness, youth, sports performance, active aging, sensory integration, and more.

Suggested Applications:

  • Sports performance – non-ball sports
  • Functional training – all ages
  • Boxing and martial arts
  • Brain Health for Active Aging
  • Early childhood education
  • Parkinson’s Disease