From the moment you turn onto the property, you’ll know you’ve arrived someplace special. Stone Creek Club & Spa is the Northshore Sports Resort, providing members with a relaxing & inviting destination for their fitness, social and lifestyle needs. Stone Creek members enjoy truly excellent service complemented by world-class fitness, aquatics, spa and tennis programs and services.

A lifetime of fitness and healthy habits can begin at Stone Creek. Stone Creek’s Children’s Programs are designed to welcome children to a fun and enriching environment where they can explore, learn and grow. At the same time, we realize that our littlest members and our adult members have very different needs.

As their childcare programs continue to evolve, they recently added the interactive wall game, the iWall.  Playing this interactive fitness game is easy and motivating for both kids and adults, and thanks to its diverse game content, iWall can be used for efficient exercise, training, a simple workout, or just for family fun!

The iWall continues to be a fun fitness based exergame that has had a great impact on youth fitness.  Contact us to learn more!