While we all want to get to the point that COVID is no longer an issue, we also have to realize in the current climate over the next 12+ months, it is something we will have to take into consideration.  This is why Exergame is providing more options for social distancing.

tapWall provides touchscreen games that can be used with individual stylists for the whole family. When being used it is the perfect tool to replace finger placement, and can be thrown away when done.  It is a great solution for activating your upper body and relieving tension in your neck and shoulders. Improve your memory, sharpen your reaction time and increase your visual tracking with tapWall.

tapWall includes a stylish glossy white cover with large touch screen display. Touch screen is covered with strong safety glass and cover is made with durable glossy high-pressure laminate. tapWall is perfect for:
• Kid’s Fitness
• Reaction & Speed Training
• Rehabilitation

tapWall is perfect for hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, spatial awareness.