tWall Plus Rehab and Therapy


The tWall Plus is a top of the line training tool in the rehabilitation and therapy markets. The tWall Plus is a new generation model that comes with tons of new features including a sensor concept for therapy and an all new more hygenic surface. The reaction wall uses lights and colors to challenge users to improve their mobility, coordination and reaction time. It also enhances the cooperation between the muscles, the central nervous system and the sensory organs.

Training with the tWall Plus activates multiple areas of the brain at the same time by combining movement tasks and exercises that challenge the patient’s visual perception. As a result, therapy programs using the device deliver better outcomes and improve the patient’s reaction time, coordination, mobility, and sensory skills. The tWall Plus uses technology to allow patients to train special movement sequences. This also creates a fun and interactive approach to therapy or rehab while challenging the user! The interactive reaction wall can be easily adapted to meet the needs of patients with different physical and mental impairments.

Here’s a few environments the tWall Plus is beneficial for:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Special Education Classes
  • Schools & Childcare Centers

Checkout some of the awesome features:

  • Neurological Development
  • Any age, any level, any ability
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Reaction Training


Whether it’s an athlete recovering from a concussion, or a person who has special needs the tWall Plus can make a SIGNIFICANT impact for any therapy center or rehab facility.  Contact us today to learn more!