FluiLift is the first barbell in the world to destabilize the movement for a groundbreaking neuromuscular training

Weight lifting has always been an important part of most training programs. Symmetry, stability and consistency have been the keywords of everything you know up to now. FluiLift is the first barbell to turn this concept upside down. Thanks to its innovative system, the movement of weightlifting becomes unexpectedly unstable. Cast-iron disks or Reax W-Disk oscillate, rotate and bounce depending on the exercise performed by the user, thanks to the Reax B-Bungee that adds unpredictability and dynamism to each exercise. Disks and bungees come in different weights and with a wide range of accessories. Thanks to these features, the user is able to perform a huge number of exercises, exploiting inertia, dynamics, centrifugal force and progressive resistance. With FluiLift, floors won’t be damaged anymore thanks to the innovative soft shock system.

Weight training exercises have always been part of most athletic training programs. The distinctive feature of Reax Fluilift is that it destabilizes any exercise when it being performed. Thanks to its innovative system, the barbell can be used in both traditional and innovative way, providing a more efficient and effective training environment.

Using our technology that includes springs, bungess and fluid filled discs that rotate and bounce the Reax Fluilift adds dynamism and unpredictbility to any exercise. Using Reax Fluilift also has a huge operational advantage as floors won’t be damaged anymore thanks to the innovative soft shock system.

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