Learn more about the iWall below by getting a better insight what kind of games come with it.


Playing Parkour raises your heartbeat, increases your oxygen intake, and engages multiple muscle groups. It’s a great way to sharpen your cognitive skills and your memory. Enjoy an intense workout experience across the Manhattan skyscraper rooftops.

Space Shooter

Space shooter teaches useful cooperation skills and spatial awareness to some of the youngest who use the iWall. It improves muscle endurance in the upper body and core. The goal of the game is to dodge and destroy the falling meteorites and the floating space debris.

Shadow Master

Shadow Master is an immersive game that specialises in improving your mobility, balance and muscular endurance. It can be used to improve acrobatic skills and balance as well. The goal is to replicate the sensei’s pose and movement as accurately as possible and then keep the pose steady until the ring of fire is completed.


HyperSlam is a racket sports game that improves reaction speed and coordination. HyperSlam focuses on timing and technique. You have to time your swing carefully and once you start to improve, you can hit curveballs and really put your opponents to the test.

Street Racing

Push yourself to the limit with Street Racing! The goal is simple: accelerate to top speeds and rush to the finish line. Street Racing is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which improves fitness efficiently. The game is especially great for the core and lower body.