The tWall is a new engaging interactive fitness solution that meets all fitness industry trends for the future. It not only encourages motivation and interaction for your members but will also improve the perception of your fitness center from a design and visual impact.

Why is the tWall worth it?

  • Appeals to all ages and ability levels
  • Challenging and competitive game play
  • Technology that is a game changer for your facility
  • Easy set-up and simple game play
  • Various health benefits including improving reaction, hand-eye coordination, and brain function
  • Great revenue generator

Being engaged equals results and that’s what the tWall delivers. An exergame product like the tWall can create a great social atmosphere in your club as members can work together and have fun as a group. Adding this can improve membership retention and add new members to your club.  You can use it for kids who have ADHD or your use it for seniors to retain neurological development.

Bottom line, tWall is beneficial for people of all ages and it’s an absolute must in the world of technology we live in today.