The Boys & Girls Club of America has the mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

As the second part in our series on the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Northwest Indiana, we talk with Deb Spurling who is the Exergame Room Instructor in our Youth X room that is housed in Chesterton.

The Youth X Room engages kids and teens through their virtual world to get them moving. Using similar concepts of gamification found in video games, kids won’t even realize they are working out.

In this video Deb talks about the impact on the Boys & Girls Club with things like.

  • Creating special programming for kids of all abilities and disabilities
  • Bring in new members with this fan favorite
  • Target young kids, teens, athletes, and non-athletes
  • Compete against yourself, or a friend
  • Create personal goals
  • Grow membership
  • Double membership
  • Make it the focus of your membership tour!
  • Create friendly competition
  • Include general fitness like functional training
  • Make fitness FUN!
  • Include it in your capital campaign
  • Find parents, sponsors, and supporters to help purchase the equipment
  • Improved relationships with members and staff

Find out more about the FUTURE of Boys & Girls Clubs with Exergame Fitness!