Exergame for ADD and ADHD


A new study has found that Exergaming can improve executive function in children with ADHD. As most people know, children with ADHD struggle with being to stay focused for long periods of time, which has a major effect on their performance in school. Using Exergame as a way for physical activity can become a safe space for children with special needs like ADHD or Autism. In the study, 51 children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old who had been diagnosed with ADHD were randomly assigned either to an exergaming or a control group. The researchers found that children who engaged in physical activity tended to have better scores on a flanker test, which measures a person’s ability to ignore irrelevant information. The children in the exergaming group were also better at switching tasks when the rules of the test were changed.

The research doesn’t lie. Multiple studies have shown that Exergame can be very valuable. My biggest takeaway from this study is Exergame has a positive impact on cognitive function in children. “On the other hand, children with ADHD enjoy playing video games. They like the immediate reward, and spend a lot of time playing. Since we know from previous studies that physical exercise has a positive impact on executive functions, the idea was to combine both — video games and exercise — and to investigate whether it could have a positive impact on cognition,” says study author Valentin Benzing.

Using Exergame for students can be a huge addition to schools, as it enhances academic performance. The biggest benefits of Exergaming are it improves reaction time and hand eye coordination. Contact us today to learn more!