Interactive fitness for adults is becoming a trend that is growing quickly. When you think of Exergame, most people think that it’s just for kids. But that’s not true! Health Clubs, YMCA’s, Park Districts, etc are looking for ways to get adults to want to come and join their facility. There are so many different types of fitness classes offered that can be used with interactive fitness.  These include family fitness classes, group fitness classes, personal training, HIIT training, cross-fit training, and many more. Exergame can be a very valuable piece to add to your organization, especially if you’re looking to recruit adults to your facility.

This leads me to Exergame’s solution for adults! If you’re looking for a game changer then you have come to the right place. The Performance X Solution pushes users in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s training reaction time or strength, this room offers it all. It will not only push your members to work harder but it will also offer more excitement. Some of the products that work perfect for adults are the tWall, Heavy Ball, 3 Kick, Reax Lights, and Nexersys.

Check out this awesome video below of one of our newest adult interactive fitness rooms at Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club. This is a perfect example of what Exergame can do to help increase those memberships for adults!