Although research shows that exercise activates the attention system, increases focus, modulates mood, and enhances learning, it remains an underused tool in education. When teachers and students better understand how to work with the physiology of one’s body, the educational experience is optimized. This is especially true for students with behavioral issues such as ADHD.

Our response to students with needs is supported with a strong educational philosophy and approach. For the last 20 years, education has focused on research and best practices around instructional methodology. People work that side of the house really hard. However, in their commitment to high quality instruction, time on task, and differentiation, we often miss utilizing the research that can profoundly support all of those strategies: the empirical evidence on how exercise improves cognition, behavior, and wellness. Adding that dimension to the learning process improves and expands learning for all students. Estes Park Middle School (EPMS) in Estes Park, Colorado, has done just that.

Exergaming has been shown to improve academics, social development, and health & fitness. Contact us to learn more how Exergame can help your school!