The dramatic rising numbers and problems such as childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease has reached almost epidemic levels for many nations across the world. One of the best opportunities we have to these issues and other problems presented by the digital age is an increase in intense physical activity.

This is why so many people are asking themselves, “Is fitness gaming an option to reverse these statistics to a whole host of social and health-related problems?” Actually, according to the American Council on Exercise, fitness gaming really does work and has positive and productive outcomes for all participants. Fitness gaming is the latest opportunity to turn what was once a sedentary activity, into an exercise based philosophy and it’s coming up with remarkable results.

Fitness gaming can not only have an impact on youth obesity, but can be an opportunity for adults to get active as well.  As the current generation has grown up with the benefits of technology, they see exergaming as an effective solution to making fitness fun!

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