Agility is defined as an athlete’s ability to move at an accelerated in one direction and then instantly decelerate and shift position within a matter of seconds. It is one facet of sports training that can separate a good athlete from a great one. Agility drills can improve your performance by strengthening your joints and muscles. Here’s some drills you can combine with interactive fitness.

• Plyometric Agility Hurdles- These are great drills to improve power and coordination. Hurdles can be vital to train for all athletes.

• Speed Ladder Agility Drills- is great for improving speed and coordination. Run with high knees through the ladder, touching every ladder space

• Lateral Box Drills- are a great way to build explosive and foot speed. Some common box drills include step-ups, lateral stepovers, and box jumps. The focus here on lateral foot speed and quickness

• Weighted Lateral Jumps- build dynamic power, coordination, and balance. This type of exercise is beneficial for an athlete who is looking to improve lateral power and coordination.

• Broad Jumps- are simple drills that improve your agility and power without the need for any equipment. They not only strengthen the quadricep muscles, they also engage the core and hip flexors. Broad jumps build true leg strength.

• Dot drills- develop dynamic leg strength while increasing knee and ankle strength and stability. This is an ideal drill for any sport that requires quick change of direction and solid landings like soccer, basketball, and football.