Falls are a major health concern for our senior citizen population. Each year, more than 800,000 people in the U.S. require hospitalization from a fall. A lot of these falls are due to declining strength, balance, and mobility due to inactivity.  Are you looking to get your aging loved ones up and moving? Here’s some great tips to get seniors active again.

  1. Stretch– Remember stretching is crucial so don’t forget about it! There are plenty of flexibility exercises like stretching your quadriceps and hamstrings. These exercises can be done easily at home with a sturdy chair or wall for balance. Stretching is critical to achieving optimal health.
  2. Exercise Flexibility-there a plenty of ways to improve mobility. One option is lifting light weights. It’s recommended to start with weights of 1 to 2 pounds and gradually increase from there. The goal for seniors should be to exercise all muscle groups twice a week for at least 30 minutes. Another option is water aerobics. Aquatic exercise offers a multitude of health benefits for seniors without putting pressure on bones, muscles, and joints. Lastly, yoga is a tremendous tool for seniors to try. According to the American Senior Fitness Association, yoga has the potential to slowly reverse the “aging process.”
  3. Know your body-Any minor aches and pains are normal at the beginning of any new fitness regimens. However, if you experience any sharp pain or joint pain then stop or reduce exercise. Remember, to take it slow when it comes to exercise because it’s all about quality over quantity.
  4. Do it every day– Try to do some sort of exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be lifting light weights, but it can be just going for a walk. Committing to regular exercise has a number of benefits including improving energy levels, weight control, sleep, and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. A consistent effort to exercise daily will lead to growth over time.

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