Exergame Fitness would like to extend our thanks to the Military Service men and women on this July 4th.  It is not lost on us that without their courageous sacrifices our country would not be in the position we are today.

Exergame has in the past been extremely honored to work with each Military branch of service (Army, Navy, Coast, Marines) that helps families of service members continue to thrive and excel whether on base, or at home.

Within the Child Development Centers (CDC) children are offered full-day, part-day and hourly care for children in nationally accredited environments.  This space is similar to our Exergame Playground.  The Exergame Playground is the place where kids ages one to ten years old go to have fun while learning and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Exciting kids fitness games motivate them toward active play and movement, which has kids wanting to come back for more.

At School-Age Centers (Ages 6-12 years) offer before and after school programs, weekend activities during the school year, and summer care and camps during school vacations.  These are groups are perfect for our Youth X concept. The Youth X Room engages kids and teens through their virtual world to get them moving. Using similar concepts of gamification found in video games, kids won’t even realize they are working out.  This concept room is customized to fit the new model of social interaction, movement and engagement.

Finally the Youth Centers and Youth Programs offer comprehensive, supervised program options and affordable, quality, predictable services that are easily accessible for eligible youth in grades 7 through 12 who are 11 – 18 years old.  What better way to motivate this age group than with our Performance X concept.  The Performance X Room kicks it up a notch from the traditional fitness area with this high intensity interactive exergaming solution. Designed for group based training, users will push themselves in a multitude of ways including: strength, conditioning, and reaction training, and the gamification built into the equipment will only make them work harder.

We salute and thank our service members across the US and foreign soil on this July 4th for their service.