Reaction time is defined as the amount of time it takes to respond to a stimulus or something we react too. Having fast reaction time can give athletes a competitive advantage. An athlete’s ability to react shows how quickly and effectively he or she can make decisions and then initiate action. For example, fast reaction time can help a basketball player get to a rebound or loose ball faster than their opponent or help a baseball or softball player recognize a pitch out of the pitcher’s hand quicker. It can also help a quarterback find his open receivers faster. It’s not just baseball, basketball, softball, and football players who need great reaction time, but athletes in every sport need it to gain that competitive advantage.

Now you might be asking how you can improve reaction time? Using Exergame as a tool to enhance reaction time is beneficial for athletes. Products like the tWall, Reax Lights, and Makoto are all great products to improve reaction time. All these products provide sensory feedback via lights or touch sensors. You can also incorporate various agility, endurance, and other sports performance drills.

Another way to improve reaction time is through cognitive training with Exergame. Training the mind is very important to process visual information more quickly, read body movements more effectively and maintain focus for longer periods of time. With enhanced visual processing abilities, athletes may be able to react more quickly in crucial situations and gain a competitive edge. The two biggest benefits of cognitive or brain training is it’s motivating and challenging. Having someone to train with will make it much more motivating and a competition never hurt anyone. In terms of challenging, studies have shown that if a task does not increase in difficulty, your brain becomes bored. When your brain becomes bored, you start to go through the motions. Therefore, it’s very important to give your brain new challenges every day.

Exergaming has proven to improve focus and reaction time for athletes. Whether you’re a personal trainer, sports performance facility, or health club, take the athletes you train to the next level.